FADU Technology Presents a Series of Booth Talks at Flash Memory Summit and a Keynote by CEO Jihyo Lee and Ross Stenfort of Meta

2022-09-10 13:27:45 By : Mr. Victor Xi

Attend our Keynote and Visit Booth 107 for FADU Talks at the end of the FMS day

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 01, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FADU Technology is a fabless semiconductor company delivering advanced Flash controllers, customizable firmware, SSD storage technology, and Flash storage supply chain innovations to meet the ever-increasing data storage demands placed on OEM and hyperscale data centers. In the FADU Theater located in Booth 107, company technologists will present three technical papers starting at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, August 2, and Wednesday, August 3. In addition, audience members are eligible to receive an appreciation gift from FADU.

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Hear FADU CEO Jihyo Lee's Keynote on Tuesday at 1:40 PM in the Mission City Ballroom. Hear FADU executives from the U.S. and South Korea talk about their technical papers regarding SSD designs, challenges and opportunities at the FADU theater in Booth #107. (Graphic: Business Wire)

FADU Keynote with Jiyho Lee CEO and Co-Founder of FADU Tue 8/2 @ 1:40 PM in the Mission Ballroom Keynote: "Challenges and Opportunities for Designing Efficient SSDs for Datacenter." Headlining FADU's innovation discussions at Flash Memory Summit 2022 is FADU CEO Jihyo Lee, with guest Ross Stenfort, Hardware Storage Engineer at Meta, who will help kick-off the tradeshow on Tuesday, August 2. The two visionaries will deliver an early keynote discussion on the challenges Hyperscale datacenters face with SSD form factors, performance, power, standards, and FADU's perspective on how the industry can address these challenges.

FADU Talk with John Choi, Ph.D. Chief Architect and Executive Director of FADU Tue 8/2, Wed 8/3 @ 4:30 PM at the FADU Theater in Booth 107 Presentation: "How to design a high-performance & low-power Enterprise SSD Controller" Enterprise-class SSD controllers have contradictory requirements: deliver both high performance and good QoS characteristics (e.g., 5-9s) but do so while consuming low power. This requirement puts a serious burden on handling high-level parallel operations very efficiently.

FADU Talk with Steve (Wonmo) Yang, Ph.D. Hardware Team Leader at FADU Tue 8/2, Wed 8/3 @ 5:00 PM at the FADU Theater in Booth 107 Presentation: "Challenges in implementing PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD with low-end FR4 PCB" SSD designers desire to continue using FR-4 based copper (called FR4 PCB) in upcoming PCIe Gen5 designs, but the challenges are significant without changing materials. This paper details FADU’s analysis of simulations of signal transmission properties using low-end FR4 PCB at PCIe Gen 5.0 levels.

FADU Talk with Derek (Taeyamg) Kim Hardware Engineer at FADU Tue 8/2, Wed 8/3 @ 5:30 PM at the FADU Theater in Booth 107 Presentation: "Cost and time-efficient methodology to validate compatibility for the electrical and side-band digital signals of NVMe SSD" Numerous host systems have various CPUs, chipset, manufacturer, and customer requirements, but customers require strict electrical compatibility. This paper presents a methodology by FADU to generate electrical and side-band digital signals of NVMe SSD test results on the various types of host systems.

FADU Talk with Anu Murthy Vice President, Marketing at FADU Tue 8/2, Wed 8/3 @ 6:00 PM at the FADU Theater in Booth 107 Presentation: "FADU Products and Storage Solutions Overview" Learn about the volume production status of FADU's Gen4 controller and SSD solutions and the progress towards introducing the industry’s first Gen5 controller and OCP SSD designs with FDP support in 2023.

To learn more about FADU’s enterprise storage solutions, visit https://www.fadu.io.

FADU Technology is a fabless company developing advanced flash storage technology to meet the increasing data storage demands placed on hyperscale, enterprise, and cloud data centers. Our innovative SSD solutions are based on industry-standard specifications, designed with FADU's proprietary Flash Memory Controller architecture, and compatible with multiple industry NAND suppliers. FADU’s storage designs address all aspects of Flash-based storage – very-low power, ultra-high performance, rich feature sets, solid reliability, and superior QoS. The company believes that other solutions with legacy architectures cannot meet the performance and power requirements to support real-time, cloud-based, connected applications. FADU’s global team of seasoned storage architects, ASIC experts, and SSD engineers is charting the course for the industry. Learn more at https://www.fadu.io and follow FADU on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Corporate Contact: Anu Murthy, VP of Marketing anu.murthy@fadutec.com (408) 714-9301 Media Contact: Carol Warren Antarra Communications cwarren@antarra.com (714) 890-4500

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