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In the entire energy conversion and management chain, wide-bandgap semiconductor products have attracted great attention from the fields of transportation, data centers, smart buildings, and home appliances due to their high efficiency, high density, small size, and low total cost.

On August 17th, at the high-efficiency power management and wide-bandgap semiconductor technology application forum held at the same time as the 2022 International Integrated Circuit Exhibition and Seminar (IIC), ten speakers focused on high-efficiency power management, power applications, power semiconductors, charging IC, silicon carbide/gallium nitride, power management system (BMS) and testing, in-vehicle USB charging, new energy development opportunities and other topics will be discussed and discussed in depth to jointly promote the innovation and development of the green energy industry.

Keysight Technologies: Leveraging battery model extraction and simulation to optimize and improve battery life.

Rao Qian, marketing manager of general and power products at Keysight Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., said that there are unprecedented opportunities for new energy development, especially the surge in market demand for energy storage equipment represented by batteries. As a result, a clear understanding of the power consumption characteristics and endurance of the battery, and a thorough understanding of the battery characteristics, analysis and simulation, is very important for the actual power application design.

“Keysight will use battery model extraction and power consumption model extraction to test the remaining power; then it will optimize the battery and load through two methods – method one is to replace the battery model and test the remaining power, method 20 to improve the function Consumption model, test the remaining power – and finally achieve the effect of extending the battery life.” Rao Qian said.

As for the rapid temperature rise test of power batteries, Keysight provides from DC power analyzers to APS, from microwatts to 100 kilowatts, which is a means of accurately evaluating power consumption. Among them, APS can solve the toughest power-on test challenges, including building seamless power and load function transitions, simulation of high-power power transients, correct power-on/power-off of the DUT, improving test system throughput, Characterize inrush current and more.

Jiejie Microelectronics: In response to the national rally, power semiconductors are a lonely road

Yu Weizhao, vice president of business development of Jiejie Microelectronics (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., reviewed the development of new energy vehicles and looked forward to the ultimate form of new energy vehicles in the future.

“How many years will there be a new energy vehicle without a limit on driving distance? It is difficult for me to draw a conclusion, but it may take the following points to become a reality: ① national standards/international standards for battery packs; ② certified battery packs, which are convenient for Replace within 5 to 10 minutes; ③Battery technology: Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (NCA), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP); ④Super Fast Charging Station @≥800V; Community; ⑥ Install low-cost solar panels in commercial buildings; ⑦ Install certified lithium battery packs recycled from old new energy vehicles; ⑧ Cloud charging coordinated by software/IoT/AI; ⑨ Low-cost universal power generation means: Nuclear fusion; ⑩ hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV). In general, I look forward to the emergence of new energy vehicles with no mileage limit by 2030.” Yu Weizhao said.

Rohde & Schwarz: Power consumption testing and battery simulation

Shao Zhuyuan, an application engineer at Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd., shared that more and more devices are powered by batteries. equipment), environmental issues, etc.

So how exactly do you optimize battery life? Shao Zhuyuan put forward four points: deep sleep mode greatly improves battery life; firmware can usually be optimized to improve battery life; antenna matching problems of wireless IoT devices will waste energy; optimization of battery life also requires understanding battery characteristics.

Based on this, Rohde & Schwarz offers the NGL200, NGM200 and NGU power supply families. They have in common: source and sink support, very low ripple and noise, fast load recovery time, and 6½-digit resolution. The unique features of NGM200 and NGU are high-speed data acquisition, battery emulation, multi-range, digital voltmeter input; the unique features of NGU are four-quadrant, current priority mode, high capacitance mode, analog modulation input.

PI: InnoSwitch Family of ICs Enables High Power Density and Low Component Count for USB-C PD PPS Chargers

Xiaoge Wang, FAE engineer at Power Integrations, shared a wonderful speech entitled “InnoSwitch4-CZ and InnoSwitch3-PD IC Product Families: Achieving Highest Power Density and Lowest Component Count for USB-C PD PPS Chargers”. Launched in 2014, the InnoSwitch series ICs have shipped more than 1 billion units.

The Inno4-CZ secondary controller is the mastermind that precisely controls 3 switches: the secondary SR FET, the primary switch, and the clamp switch. The Inno4-CZ controls the turn-on and turn-off timing of each switch, ensuring maximum efficiency over varying input voltage and load conditions. When the SR FET is off, before the Inno4 asks the primary side to start switching, the HSD pin sends a signal to ClampZero to turn on the clamp switch, ensuring that all the energy in the inductor is transferred, and then turns on the primary switch. This will ensure true zero voltage switching every cycle.

InnoSwitch3-PD is a highly integrated USB-C PD + PPS power adapter solution, and is currently the only USB PD single-chip solution in the industry. It inherits the consistent excellent performance of the InnoSwitch3 series, with extremely high efficiency, low no-load power consumption, and complete protection; at the same time, it significantly simplifies the BOM – ideal for applications requiring ultra-thin and small form factor, easy mass production, single-sided PCB.

Inossec: Gallium Nitride Helps Build “Green Data Centers”

Huang Yong, senior director of product development at Innosec, believes that the new infrastructure of data centers requires high-efficiency power solutions. It is estimated that the power consumption of data centers will reach 3000TWhr in 2030, which is equivalent to 10% of global energy consumption.

In addition, the “Data Center White Paper (2022)” requires that “the R&D and deployment of high-power servers will be accelerated, and the computing power per unit area will increase. The deployment of high-power density servers is the key to building high-density data centers. The specific advantages are: first, high-density servers. The power supply and fans are designed in a shared manner, and multiple server nodes in the same chassis can share the power supply and fans; the second is to reduce the weight and space occupation of the body, and to improve the computing power per unit area of ​​the data center; the third is to improve the power supply and cooling system. Use efficiency and reduce data center operating costs.

“The development of the next-generation data center power supply system based on GaN is the general trend.” Huang Yong said, “Innosec provides full-link GaN solutions, covering AC-DC (PFC), DC-DC (400V-48V), DC- DC (48V-12V), DC-DC (12V-1V), to achieve higher efficiency, higher power density, higher dynamic response.”

Tektronix: Accurate testing helps solve the development and testing problems of SiC and GaN power supplies

Two new devices, silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), are driving major changes in the power electronics industry, but they also bring many challenges to power supply design.

Chen Xinlei, development manager of Tektronix power supply industry, summarized the challenges as follows: narrowing the Vgs range, lowering the Vgsth threshold voltage, misleading pass, excessive overcharge, high dv/dt, high di/dt, small short-circuit tolerance, reasonable control of dead time, Vds violent oscillation, circuit miscellaneous inductance control, multi-tube parallel current sharing control, short circuit protection, higher driver anti-interference ability, Crosstalk crosstalk, driver shutdown negative pressure setting and so on.

Tektronix’ semiconductor solutions, from power devices to test reports, cover six sections: WAT/PCM, WLR/CP, KGD/DBC, single tube, module, burn-in.

Future Electronics: Gathering into the Source, Green Future

From a policy perspective, the green energy industry has become a driving force for domestic economic development. “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Storage Technology and Industry” in September 2017; “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage” in July 2021; it is estimated that in 2025, green energy storage will reach more than 30GW. Among them, solar energy has grown explosively since 2018, and has increased by nearly 23 times in the past four years, with an estimated market size of 100 billion; car charging piles have completed the order of 2.617 million units nationwide in 2021, and are expected to reach 1,000 by 2025. The market size of RMB 100 million will reach a market size of RMB 1.08 trillion in 2035.

In this regard, Zhou Qiquan, Future Electronics Green Power Market Development Manager, shared the introduction of Future Electronics’ power system solutions.

Future Electronics provides a wealth of power solutions: based on the third-generation semiconductor digital control high-power PFC design, 1KW solar charger, 1.5KW solar inverter, USB charging module (PD3.0) and so on. Not only provide professional technical support, but also provide turnkey design of the overall solution.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to power supply solutions, Future also provides solutions and services for motor control, healthcare, industry, automotive, lighting, etc., providing multi-dimensional one-stop solutions.

Biyiwei: High-precision monitor and protector for multi-string lithium batteries

The market scale of the global lithium battery industry is expanding, among which lithium electric bicycles, energy storage batteries, and new 5G base stations are three popular applications.

Wang Yi, general manager of power management (DC/DC, BMS) of Shenzhen Biyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., introduced that the battery management system consists of six battery cells, analog front-end AFE, power management DC-DC, communication communication, and fuel gauge MCU. It is composed of a link and has a wide range of applications. Among them, 3 series (and below) lithium-ion batteries are mostly used in consumer electronics fields such as drones and sweepers, and 18 series (and above) lithium-ion batteries are mostly used in outdoor energy storage power supplies, base station energy storage systems and other industrial fields.

“Application requirements between 3 strings and 18 strings, such as power tools, electric bicycles/balance vehicles, etc., can use Kiwi battery protection and monitoring solutions.” Wang Yi said. Specifically, KP62010 and KP62030 are high-precision monitors and protectors for 3-18 strings of lithium batteries. They feature digital acquisition modules, enhanced MOS drive, multiple protection mechanisms, high integration, and ease of use.

NI: Modular Platform Enables BMS Testing From Consumer Electronics Power Consumption to Electric Vehicles

According to Wang Faxu, the marketing manager of NI’s automotive business, NI has four investment areas: laboratory standardization, power electronics, 5G, and industrial plants. Among them, the BMS is one of the key controllers for any electric vehicle, and NI offers a wide variety of solutions for testing the BMS on the production floor.

PXI is a better test system than fixed-function instruments. It’s built for automation. So what is a smarter test system? An approach centered on flexible software and modular hardware. This is an approach designed for automated testing, starting from the ground up, rather than bootstrapped with bulky cables, and not limited by potential communication and low data throughput. Instead, it allows our clients to collect all the data and thus the insights our clients need to make decisions. It is an expanding and dynamic ecosystem of developers, partners, integrators and intellectual property.

Nanxin Semiconductor: Automotive products help in-vehicle USB charging and wireless charging

According to the observation of Huang Lujian of Shanghai Nanxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., mobile phone manufacturers are currently improving the charging rate to alleviate users’ “lifetime anxiety”. However, most of the car’s front-mounted car charging ports do not support high-power fast charging. They can only support BC1.2 CDP/DCP 10.5W, or Type-C 5V/3A-15W. The charging power is low and the charging speed is slow. .

In this regard, Nanxin launched in-vehicle USB charging: 65W USB Fast Charge for Automotive and 15W-27W USB Fast Charge for Automotive. In on-board wireless charging, Nanxin’s Wireless Tx Solution for Automotive is also excellent. SC8101Q is a DCDC chip, which is responsible for converting the input voltage (12V) into a charging voltage (9V or 5V). SC5003Q wireless charging full bridge chip, responsible for wireless charging conversion.

The delivery time of 8-bit and 32-bit #MCU/ #MPU and automotive #MCU of Renesas has a general trend of lengthening.Most #microcontroller models are still in the state of delivery; Its signal chain, interface and switch voltage regulator and other products still maintain 40-60 weeks of delivery.At present, #Renesas inquiry demand has improved, its vehicle grade chip is still short, some models #R7F7010323/ #R7F7010283 supply has not seen relief.The industrial power management #chip #ISL8203MIRZ has recently seen a 10-fold increase in its base price at the factory.Some models also facing shortages,such as DG/EL75/ISL317/ISL32/P9148ANRGI8, etc.

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