Multilayer HDI PCB with high Tg PCB board

PCB  Manufacture Capability:PCB  Manufacture  CapabilityItem   Manufacture  CapabilityLayers   1-20  LayersHDI 2+N+2Material  Types Fr-4,   Fr-1,  CEM-1, High-Tg,   Aluminum  Based &nbs

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PCB  Manufacture Capability:

PCB  Manufacture  Capability
Item   Manufacture  Capability
Layers   1-20  Layers
HDI 2+N+2
Material  Types Fr-4,   Fr-1,  CEM-1, High-Tg,   Aluminum  Based  , Halogen  Free,                                                                                              
Max.   Panel  Dimension570mm  *  620mm
Outline  Tolerance ± 4mil  (± 0.10mm)
Board  Thickness8mil-236mil  (0.2  -  6.0mm)   
Board  Thickness  Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric  Thickness 3mil-8mil  (  0.075mm-0.20mm)
Min.   Track  Width 3mil  (  0.075mm  )
Min.   Track  Space3mil  (  0.075mm  )
External  Cu  Thickness 0.5  OZ  -  10  OZ  (  17um  -  350um)
Internal  Cu  Thickness   0.5OZ  -  6OZ  (  17um  -  210um)
Drilling  Bit  Size  (  CNC  ) 6mil-256mil  (  0.15mm  -  6.50mm)
Finished  Hole  Dimension       4mil-236mil(0.1mm  -  6.0mm)
Hole  Tolerance± 2mil  (± 0.05mm)
Laser  Drilling  Hole  Size   4mil(0.1mm)
Aspect  Ration 16: 1
Solder  MaskGreen,   Blue,   White,   Black,   Red,   Yellow,   Purple,   etc.
Min  Solder  mask  Bridge2mil(0.050mm)
Plugged  Hole  Diameter8mil-20mil  (  0.20mm-0.50mm)
Beveling30°  -  45°
V-scoring+/-0.1mm,   15°   30°    45°   60°
Impedance  Control                               ±5%    General  ± 10%
Surface  Finishing HASL,   HASL(lead-Free),   Immersion  Gold , OSP
CertificationUL  RoHS  ISO9001: 2000  
TestingFlying  probe, E-TEST,   X-RAY Inspection, AOI
FilesGerber  Protel  DXP  Auto  CAD  PADS  OrCAD  Express  PCB  etc

Producing process:

Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board

Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board
Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board
Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board
Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board
Multilayer HDI PCB with High Tg PCB Circuit Board


Q.What service can you supply ?
We are OEM PCB and PCBA manufacturer ,we can provide turnkey solutionincluding PCB fabrication,SMT and assembly PCBA inside the enclosure,Functiontesting and other value-added service.

Q.What file you need to prepare if you want to get an quotation from us?
1). For PCB board, you need to prepare files of Gerber file,it should including 274-X,274-D, DPF, ODB++ etc formats.
2). For PCBA(PCB with soldered components), except the file for PCB, you also need to prepare the BOM list (components list), Pick and Place file(txt format), real sample pictureor 3D PDF version file etc.

Q. Do you have any MOQ Limited ?
We havent any limited about MOQ .Sample and mass production all can support.

Q. How to keep our product information and design file secret ?
We are willing to sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising tokeep customers data in high confidential level.

Q.How long does it take for PCB and PCBA Quote ?
PCBs quotation within 2 hours can finished the PCBA depend on the components quantity,if simple, within 6 hours can finished,once complex and more,the 12- 36 hours can be finished.

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