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PCB Parameters: PCB SIZE170 x 64 BOARD TYPEDouble sided PCBNumber of Layers2 layersSurface Mount ComponentsYESThrough Hole ComponentsnoLAYER STACKUPcopper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate TOP layerFR-4 0.7 mmcopper ------- 

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PCB Parameters:
PCB SIZE170 x 64
BOARD TYPEDouble sided PCB
Number of Layers2 layers
Surface Mount ComponentsYES
Through Hole Componentsno
LAYER STACKUPcopper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate TOP layer
FR-4 0.7 mm
copper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate BOT layer
Minimum Trace and Space:15 mil / 6.5 mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes:0.3 mm / 3.5 mm
Number of Different Holes:2
Number of Drill Holes:35
Number of Milled Slots:5
Number of Internal Cutouts:0
Impedance Control:no
Number of Gold finger:0
Glass Epoxy: FR-4 Tg150ºC, er<5.4.IT-158,  ITEQ Supplied
Final foil external: 1 oz
Final foil internal: 0 oz
Final height of PCB: 0.8 mm ±0.08
Surface FinishSelective hard gold on pads 10 u"
Solder Mask Apply To: TOP and Bottom, 12micron Minimum
Solder Mask Color: Matt blue, KSM-S6189BLM1
Solder Mask Type:LPSM
CONTOUR/CUTTINGRouting,  v-cut
Side of Component LegendTOP
Colour of Component LegendWhite, IJR-4000 MW300, Taiyo brand
Manufacturer Name or Logo: Marked on the board in a conductor 
and leged FREE AREA
VIAPlated through hole(PTH), minimum size 0.3mm.
Outline dimension:  0.0059"
Board plating:0.0029"
Drill tolerance: 0.002"
TEST100% Electrical Test prior shipment
SERVICE AREAWorldwide, Globally.

PCBs Products: 

PCB Assemble, PCB Design Printed Circuit Boards and Processing, HDI PCB, High-Density PCB

Testing Procedures For PCB Board:

We perform multiple quality assuring procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:
- Visual Inspection
- Flying probe
- Impedance control
- Solder ability detection
- Digital metallogenic microscope
- AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


 PCB manufacture machine:

PCB Assemble, PCB Design Printed Circuit Boards and Processing, HDI PCB, High-Density PCB

Shipping Method and Payment terms:

1. By DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT using clients account.
2.DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT forwarder of China.
3. We could ship the parcel by Russia Special Air Line for
  Russian customer 
 (No TAX in your there, 3 - 10 days to Moscow , 15-20 days to other city) 
4. By sea or air for mass quantity according to customer's requirement.
5. By customer's Forwarder
6.Payment By Paypal,T/T,West Union,etc.


PCB  Manufacture  Capability
Item   Manufacture  Capability
Layers   1-20  Layers
HDI 2+N+2
Material  Types Fr-4,   Fr-5,   High-Tg,   Aluminum  Based  , Halogen  Free,                                                                                                          
Isola,   Taconic,   Arlon,   Teflon,   Rogers,  
Max.   Panel  Dimension39000mil  *  47000mil  (1000mm  *  1200mm)
Outline  Tolerance ± 4mil  (± 0.10mm)
Board  Thickness8mil-236mil  (0.2  -  6.0mm)   
Board  Thickness  Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric  Thickness 3mil-8mil  (  0.075mm-0.20mm)
Min.   Track  Width 3mil  (  0.075mm  )
Min.   Track  Space3mil  (  0.075mm  )
External  Cu  Thickness 0.5  OZ  -  10  OZ  (  17um  -  350um)
Internal  Cu  Thickness   0.5OZ  -  6OZ  (  17um  -  210um)
Drilling  Bit  Size  (  CNC  ) 6mil-256mil  (  0.15mm  -  6.50mm)
Finished  Hole  Dimension       4mil-236mil(0.1mm  -  6.0mm)
Hole  Tolerance± 2mil  (± 0.05mm)
Laser  Drilling  Hole  Size   4mil(0.1mm)
Aspect  Ration 16: 1
Solder  MaskGreen,   Blue,   White,   Black,   Red,   Yellow,   Purple,   etc.
Min  Solder  mask  Bridge2mil(0.050mm)
Plugged  Hole  Diameter8mil-20mil  (  0.20mm-0.50mm)
Beveling30o  -  45o
V-scoring+/-0.1mm,   15o    30o    45o    60o 
Impedance  Control                               Min. 5%    General  ± 10%
Surface  Finishing HASL,   HASL(lead  Free),   Immersion  Gold 
Immersion  Silver,   OSP,   Hard  Gold  (  up  to  100u" )
CertificationUL  RoHS  ISO9001: 2000  ISO14000: 2004  SGS
TestingFlying  probe, E-TEST,   X-RAY  Inspection  , AOI
FilesGerber  Protel  DXP  Auto  CAD  PADS  OrCAD  Express  PCB  etc

Company introduction: 

Fastline Circuits Co.,Limited has the most diversified printed circuit board technologies available, including Single-sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Aluminum based PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Flexible PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Ceramic PCB, and PCB assembly and other special PCB boards.

We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise and provides time-critical, technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing services for the electronics industry. 

 Sound quality gains a good reputation for Fastline. Loyal customers has cooperated with us again and again and new customers come to Fastline to establish cooperation relationship when they hear of the great reputation. We look forward to offering high-quality service to you!


Q1: What's your minimum order quantity?
A1: No MOQ , 1 pcs is accepted . 

Q2: what file we should offer?
A2: PCB:Gerber file is better,( Protel ,power pcb,PADs file), PCBA : Gerber file and BOM list.

Q3:No PCB file/Gerber file, only have the PCB sample,can you produce it for me?
A3: Yes, we could help you to clone the PCB. Just send the sample PCB to us, we could clone the PCB layout and work out the PCB files, then produce for you.  

Q4: What is the lead time?
A4:Sample needs 7-10 days, mass production needs 10- 15 days, 
according to the order volume.Also we can provide quick time service 1-2days.

Q5: What payment terms do you have?
A5: For small orders, we usually prefer Paypal and Western Union; For bigger order,pls pay by TT.


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