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2022-09-03 10:56:04 By : Ms. YOYO Miss

Advanced multi-layer board(MLB) company TTM Technologies U.S. is building a new factory in Penang, Malaysia. TTM technologies is number one the global MLB board market share according to sales number. TTM Technologies has decided to build a new factory in Malaysia in order to respond to high demands of MLB customers. They are investing about USD 130 million (KRW 160 billion) in the equipment. Advanced MLB is a multi-layered made from numbers of PCB stacked together. It is a multi-layered PCB board that electrically connects the layers by forming micro-patterns and holes. It is mainly installed in communication equipment and semiconductor-related products. TTM Technologies announced that they have made this decision in order to stabilize their advanced MLB with lower cost in Malaysia.  The area of new Malaysian Penang Science Park factory is about 110,000 square meters (㎡). According to company’s plan, they will start construction as early as this year and bring in manufacturing facilities next year. The target is for pilot production in 2023 and full-scale mass production in 2024. TTM Technologies expects to generate sales of about USD 180 million (about KRW 222 billion) by 2025 from their new plant in Malaysia. In order to have fully operatable plant, they will gradually increase the production capacity and plans to continuously increase the size of the plant.

The new plant in Malaysia will produce advanced MLB for the usage in industrial device markets such as networking, telecom, data center computing, medical, industrial, and measuring instruments. Their customers are mainly global telecommunication equipment companies. By Staff Reporter So-ra Park (

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