Hard Gold PCB, High Frequency PCB, Blank Printed Circuit Board

Product DescriptionProducts show Parameters & Data SheetPCB SIZE370 x 140mm=1PCSBOARD TYPE Number of LayersMultilayer, 4 layer PCBSurface Mount ComponentsYESThrough Hole ComponentsYESLAYER STACKUPcopper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate TOP&nbs

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Hard Gold PCB Board, High Frequency PCB, Blank Printed Circuit Board

Parameters & Data Sheet
PCB SIZE370 x 140mm=1PCS
Number of LayersMultilayer, 4 layer PCB
Surface Mount ComponentsYES
Through Hole ComponentsYES
LAYER STACKUPcopper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate TOP layer
7628H x1 (0.195mm)
copper ------- 35um(1oz) MidLayer 1
FR-4 1.0mm
copper ------- 35um(1oz) MidLayer 2
7628H x 1 (0.195mm)
copper ------- 18um(0.5oz)+plate BOT Layer
Minimum Trace and Space:6mil/5mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes:0.35/3.14mm
Number of Different Holes:7
Number of Drill Holes:1519
Number of Milled Slots:0
Number of Internal Cutouts:0
Impedance ControlSingle Trace Impedance Control, L1, L4, 7mil, 50Ohm.  
Differential Pairs Impedance Control, L1, L3,  6.1/8.2mil 
Glass Epoxy: FR-4 Tg170ºC, Shengyi S1170
Final foil external: 1oz
Final foil internal: 1oz
Final height of PCB: 1.6mm ±0.16
Surface FinishImmersion gold 0.025µm over 3µm Nickel
Solder Mask Apply To: TOP and Bottom, 12micron Minimum
Solder Mask Color: Gloss Green, LP-4G/G-05, Nanya supplied
Solder Mask Type:LPSM
Side of Component LegendTOP
Colour of Component LegendWhite, S-380W, TAIYO Supplied
Manufacturer Name or Logo: Marked on the board in a conductor and leged FREE AREA
VIAPlated through hole(PTH), Via tented.
Outline dimension:  0.0059"
Board plating:0.0029"
Drill tolerance: 0.002"
TEST100% Electrical Test prior shipment
APPLICATION:Digital receiver, analogue repeater , 24 Volt Inverter
Burglar Alarm Systems
GPS Tracking Chip
DC Transformer
Data Logging
SERVICE AREAWorldwide, Globally.


Hard Gold PCB Board, High Frequency PCB, Blank Printed Circuit Board

PCB capability

PCB  Manufacture  Capability
Item   Manufacture  Capability
Layers   1-26  Layers
HDI 2+N+2
Material  Types Fr-4,   Fr-5,   High-Tg,   Aluminum  Based  , Halogen  Free,                                                                                              
Isola,   Taconic,   Arlon,   Teflon,   Rogers,  
Max.   Panel  Dimension39000mil  *  47000mil  (1000mm  *  1200mm)
Outline  Tolerance ± 4mil  (± 0.10mm)
Board  Thickness8mil-236mil  (0.2  -  6.0mm)   
Board  Thickness  Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric  Thickness 3mil-8mil  (  0.075mm-0.20mm)
Min.   Track  Width 3mil  (  0.075mm  )
Min.   Track  Space3mil  (  0.075mm  )
External  Cu  Thickness 0.5  OZ  -  10  OZ  (  17um  -  350um)
Internal  Cu  Thickness   0.5OZ  -  6OZ  (  17um  -  210um)
Drilling  Bit  Size  (  CNC  ) 6mil-256mil  (  0.15mm  -  6.50mm)
Finished  Hole  Dimension       4mil-236mil(0.1mm  -  6.0mm)
Hole  Tolerance± 2mil  (± 0.05mm)
Laser  Drilling  Hole  Size   4mil(0.1mm)
Aspect  Ration 16: 1
Solder  MaskGreen,   Blue,   White,   Black,   Red,   Yellow,   Purple,   etc.
Min  Solder  mask  Bridge2mil(0.050mm)
Plugged  Hole  Diameter8mil-20mil  (  0.20mm-0.50mm)
Beveling30o  -  45o
V-scoring+/-0.1mm,   15o    30o    45o    60o 
Impedance  Control                               Min. 5%    General  ± 10%
Surface  Finishing HASL,   HASL(lead  Free),   Immersion  Gold 
Immersion  Silver,   OSP,   Hard  Gold  (  up  to  100u" )
CertificationUL  RoHS  ISO9001: 2000  ISO14000: 2004  SGS
TestingFlying  probe, E-TEST,   X-RAY  Inspection  , AOI
FilesGerber  Protel  DXP  Auto  CAD  PADS  OrCAD  Express  PCB  etc

Q1: What's your minimum order quantity?
A1: Our MOQ is not the same based on different items. Small orders are also welcome.
Q2: what file we should offer?
A2: PCB:Gerber file is better,( Protel ,power pcb,PADs file), PCBA : Gerber file and BOM list.
Q3: What any other information should be offered except for file?
A3:Following specifications are needed for quotation:
a) Base material
b) Board thickness:
c) Copper thickness
d) Surface treatment:
e) color of solder mask and silkscreen
f) Quantity

Q4: I am very satisfied after I read your information, how can I start to purchase my order?
 A4: Please send email to me or send trade massage to me .


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