Double Layer Prototype PCB Board with Quick Flip Service

                          Welcome to XJY website!!!        Shenzhen XJY Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience;we are able to offer customized pcb ranging from pc

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                          Welcome to XJY website!!!       
  • Shenzhen XJY Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience;
  • we are able to offer customized pcb ranging from pcb board, aluminium pcb, flexible pcb, components purchase, pcb assembly, pcb copy service;
  • Our products are widely used in communication apparatus, automobile electronics, auto parts, computers, medical devices, light systems, outdoor systems, network devices and consumer electronics class fields, ect;
  • We understand that bringing a product to market in a timely and cost effective manner can mean everything in business. Our quality, experience, service and pricing combine to become your efficient and reliable electronic PCB supplier.

Our PCB board manufacture and PCB assembly service:
1. No MOQ for PCB and PCBA
2. High standard pcb depends on IPC Class ll
3. 100% E-tested guarantee before shipping
4. RoHS, UL, ISO, SGS certificate approved
5. Factory production Capability of 20000 sqm/month 

Testing Procedures For PCB Board: ---We perform multiple quality assuring procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:
* Visual Inspection
* Flying probe, fixture tool
* Impedance control
* Solder-ability detection
* Digital metallograghic microscope
* AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Delivery Time for PCB board:                                                                
1)  PCB production time:  sample:  3-4 days /   production: within 7 days
2)  Fast pcb delivery: 24 hours for 2L ; 48 hours for 4L ; 72 hours for 6L.
3)  Component purchase: 2 days if all components is available in our domestic market.            PCB Assembly:  samples: within 8 days / mass production: within 12 days 

    Layer           Sample              Normal time       Mass production time
1 layer3 days7 days10 days
2 layer4 days8 days11 days
4 layer7 days9 days12 days
6 layer8 days10 days14 days
8 layer9 days11 days15 days
AL4 days7 days9 days
FPC 1 layer5 days8 days10 days


XJY Product Show:   

Double Layer Prototype PCB Board with Quick Turn ServiceDouble Layer Prototype PCB Board with Quick Turn ServiceDouble Layer Prototype PCB Board with Quick Turn Service

How to get a quote?
---Pls send gerber file with these format.PCB / .P-CAD / .DXP / .CAD / .Gerber                
a) Base material: FR4/ AL/ FPC/ CEM-1/ CEM-3/ 94v0/ Rogers

b) Board thickness: 1.6mm-3.2mm/ 0.2mm-1.2mm
c) Copper thickness: Hoz/ 1oz/ 2oz/ 3oz/ 4oz, ect
d) Surface treatment: HASL/ ENIG/ LF-HAL/ Immersion Tin/ Immersion Sin/ OSP           
e) Color of solder mask and silkscreen: Green/White/Black/Red/Blue/Yellow
f) Quantity and board size

FAQ : 

Q1: How can you guarantee quality while your price is so low?
--- Location: Our marketing office located in Shenzhen, but mass production factory moved to JiangXi province (near by SZ) which has lower electricity, water and labor. And factory are self-built, no house rent.

--- Export Rebates: Our company is value-added tax general taxpayer, so we can handle export rebates due to national policy support.

Q2: Why choose your company while SZ has so many supplier?
--- Experience: 7 years gold supplier experience with Alibaba & over 10 years experience run a factory & with 20 years experience managers & hundreds of long term cooperation customer.

Q3: How do we know your quality? Do you offer free sample?
--- Yes we can offer sample,  but you have to pay first, once you do mass production from us, the sample fee will pay back to your account!  I believe we can do long term business!

Q4: Can you manufacture my PCBs from a picture file? ---No, we cannot accept BMP, GIF, TIFF, or JPG pictures as the manufacturing file as these formats are not good for PCB manufacturing. But you can use these files to request a quotation. If you do not have gerber file, you can send us sample to copy it.

Q5: Do you have pcb in stock?
--- No. Our pcb board are custom-made product, all produced depends on clients gerber file.

Q6: What board manufacturer do you use for FR4?
--- Our main suppliers for FR4 board: Kingboard (Hong Kong), NanYa (Taiwan) and Shengyi (China).

Q7: Can you manufacture my PCBs from a picture file?
--- No, we cannot accept BMP, GIF, TIFF, or JPG pictures as the manufacturing file as these formats are not good for PCB manufacturing. But you can use these files to request a quotation. Or send us sample to copy.

Q8: What do you require in order to produce an assembly quotation?
--- Bill of materials (BOM) detailing the components to be fitted to the PCB with the manufacturers parts numbers and the components suppliers' parts number (e.g. Digi-key, Mouser, RS ). PCBA sample photos if possible. By allowing us to see the product pictures it will help us to give you the quotation faster. In addition to the above, we would need details of approximate order quantity.

Q9: Will my PCB files be checked? ---Yes. Your data will be checked with our design rule check. If we find any technical issues or have any enquires we will contact you. This is quite common for prototype orders. Please keep an eye on your email in the first 12 hours after placing your order.

Q10: Can I order a PCB with a non-rectangular shape? ---Yes, you can, we accept any PCB shape. Note that a rectangular outline (the minimum rectangular shape which can cover the entire PCB) will be used to calculate the board size. The shape should be clearly indicated in at least one of your copper layers. Otherwise you must supply a mechanical plan, separate from the Gerber file, indicating the shape of the PCB. This file has to have a reference to the copper layers, or has to have the same offset as the other layers.

Q11: Does XJY Company bevel gold fingers? ---Yes. A standard 45-degree bevel will be added to your edge connector. At your request, we can also bevel at 15 or 30 degrees upon request. For multi-layer boards please ensure you have adequate back set for the bevels. Please mention this in the order form when placing your order.

Q12: My assembly company need the PCBs as panelized, can you do this for me? ---Yes. We can panelize your circuits upon your request.


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